NCS’s s-Governance practice is primarily engaged in helping national and state governments to align their services with the changing needs of citizens and stakeholders.

With the rapid pace of change in the IT industry, there has been a shift in focus from the traditional inputs of a production process to the processes involved in the creation, storage, dissemination and use of information. An IT-driven system of s-Governance works better, costs less, and is capable of servicing citizens’ needs as never before. Analogous to e-commerce, which allows businesses to transact with each other more efficiently (B2B) and brings customers closer to businesses (B2C), s-Governance aims to make the interaction between government and citizens (G2C), government and business enterprises (G2B), and inter-agency relationships (G2G) more friendly, convenient, transparent and inexpensive. The resulting benefits are a higher revenue growth and reduced costs.

Our s-Governance practice addresses the entire gamut of information technology needs of governments across the world. The objective of the group is to aid governments in delivering SMART – simple, moral, accountable, responsive and transparent – governance to citizens and businesses. In such a scenario, citizens can freely interact with various government departments anytime, anywhere, and with very little effort.