Special NewBorn Care Unit

SNCU (Special New Born Care Unit) project is the joint venture of UNICEF and State Government to protect Newborn Babies by providing specialized care after birth and till the neonatal period, especially to reduce the mortality of sick neonates. Special Newborn Care units are established at District level, these units are connected to this Web Application hence to the central database.

Salient features of web application.
Vital basic information (Address and Mobile No. etc.) of admitted newborns.
Detailed information about admitted neonates and their mother.
Outcome and Treatment Profile.
Strong community and facility follow-up tracking system.
Reports and analytical graphs on 250+ parameters.
country, state and District level users.

This portal contains the largest database of newborn babies for Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Department. This size of the application is grown in just 3 years. To date it contains almost 0.3 million newborn babies’ records and their analytical data.

SNCU is running for 233 districts in 7 states of India. It has automated 40% of SNCUs and targeted to automate total 750 SNCUs in India by 2015.

SNCU Online Application was developed by UNICEF for Madhya Pradesh state government and scaled up by Government of India to deploy it in all other states.

Soon it is expected to be deployed in other Asian countries.

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